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"Thanks very much to you both for providing important face time to participating members of our association.

We appreciate your coordinating this event and providing a forum to drive business in these times."

Joel Kaufman, PCNA

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"The webinars, zoom meetings and programs have been really helpful and interesting.  

 We appreciate all you and your board do for the PPAC members."

-Stacie Woltman, American Ad Bag

PPAChicago Diveristy and Inclusion Webinar


Passcode: 3d^mPF#x

October 6th Lunch and Learn - Crystal D


Passcode: bSJYi6!1

June 9th Lunch and Learn - DMannding Results, Orbus and Sharprint


June 16th Lunch and Learn - BRB Group/Stormcreek and St. Regis, QPromo and Terrytown


June 23rd Lunch and Learn - CoasterStone, Alphabroder/Prime Line and Fields Manufacturing


June 30th Lunch and Learn - Raining Rose, Fossa (Ball and Black) and LeTourdeSpice, Inc.

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/5fBlKq_C_DJJQYno-mffdIoRBprIT6a823dI-vMIzU51EmH5QXdzfG3wmiUgYN1k?startTime=1593536709000  Password:  4h@2==*8


2625 Butterfield Road, Suite 138S, Oak Brook, IL 60523

Stacey Felice, Executive Director |  ppac7722@gmail.com |  (630) 983-7722

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